• Austin

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Architecture Across America: Southwest

    HouseSmarts has traveled far and wide across the U.S. to find the unique stories, building techniques and design ideas you crave. This installment takes us to Austin, Texas.

  • FoodSmarts Proper Cooking-Temps

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Proper Cooking Temps

    Who doesn’t love to eat? If you do and you like to cook, you have to make sure you prepare your food properly, especially when it comes to food temperatures. Here’s Chef David Greco with some helpful tips to do just that.

  • toilet bowl stains

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Toilet Bowl Stains

    Is your toilet looking worse for wear? Stains are an unsightly nuisance, but rejoice as Lou has the tools and talent to help you keep your commode look like new again.

  • Extreme Homes

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Extreme Getaway Homes

    If you’re looking to take a break from the everyday, here are some extreme homes that personify “fairytale living.”

  • Makeover 1-2-3 “Accessorize”

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Makeover 1-2-3 “Accessorize”

    Much like fashion, adorning your house with decorative items can help make it an expression of your personality.

  • CoolTools

    This Week on HouseSmarts


    Rugs are a great way to warm up a hard wood or tile floor. But, like a rug, they can be a chore to keep clean. Check out this new alternative!

  • Ask Lou 187

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Ask Lou

    Do you have a DIY or home improvement question? Well, go ahead and just Ask Lou. TOPICS: how to fix plaster cracks and water damage; eliminating front door drafts; water has a chlorine smell

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